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    Very Very Far Away (VVFA) is a public facing research platform seeking to re-ignite future ideologies. Its methodology uses Space Exploration as a lens to examine current ideas and values which may pertain to future societies through technological advances.

    VVFA focuses on democratising future narratives, through exploring multiple perspectives simultaneously, and disseminating new cultural fictions. VVFA brings members of the public and experts together, using ‘co-enquiries’ organised as public think tanks. We collectively craft a web of stories capturing new potentials – future roles, future social and organisational structures, and collective aspirations – these are subsequently documented through a series of audio narratives and disseminated via podcast through online platforms (, iTunes, Acast, Soundcloud). This process enables the conceptualisation of future worlds, through which newly formed ideologies can permeate the public realm.

    Today’s society is based on collectively agreed upon fictions. Cultural beliefs appear to be dominated by a ‘utopia of normality’, characterised by an absence of anticipation and projection. In some occasions, future projections can be perceived as speculative predictions omitting major societal aspects such as our social, economical or political structures by primarily focusing on technological prowess resulting in nothing more than exercises in escapism.
    Conversely, proposing Space Exploration as a lens to examine today’s narratives, encourages participants to take a step back and re-evaluate cultural values informing technological development whilst empowering them to create long term cultural projections.

    VVFA methodology articulates 2 distinct approaches;

    Collaborative world creation, as an inspirational strategy established around scientific, social and ethical questioning induced by space exploration.

    Reverse archeology, or the embodiment of future narratives into designed artefacts, services, and other interventions.


    project website:
    podcast: itunes, soundcloud, acast.

    Very Very Far Away: Democratising Future Narratives, has been published by the International Astronautical Federation and presented during the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, Sept. 2017