The Photon Shower


    The Photon Shower is a light therapy booth designed as a concept product for Delta at TED 2013 in long beach, CA. I've been working as creative director for Nexus Interactive Arts which has been commissioned by Wieden & Kennedy New York to design and built Delta's Photon Shower.

    The Photon Shower is meant to help people manage their jet lag by immersing them into a small booth filled with animated blue light.

    Visitors can input their destination and the origin of their departure and the date at which they will be travelling. Based on these inputs a 'tailored' therapy will be generated. Once this information entered, the visitors steps in the booth and experiences a light based animation synched with a voiceover that will change and adapt accordingly.

    Once the animation over, the visitor steps out and receives a printed card with a unique diagram indicating when to seek or avoid light after landing.

    The design of the booth is playing with the contrast between a very contained looking structure from the outside that turns into an expanding space inside. All walls and the ceiling inside the booth are covered in mirrors. The visitor is standing on a platform hovering the mirrored floor and has the sensation of being on the edge of a cliff. 

    The wall opposite the entrance door is actually composed of two two-way mirrors facing each other, with an inch of distance in between. Behind them, four outdoor LED panels generate the light animations. This set up makes you perceive the LEDs reflections bouncing on and on in that give the illusion of  depth.

    The booth uses outdoor LED panels and fits a 2.3m tall by 1.2m wide wall, but displays a video of 64x128 pixels. 


    Client: Delta
    Agency: Wieden & Kennedy NY
    Production: Nexus Interactive Arts
    Interactive Producer: Ulla Winkler
    Techinical Director: Andrea Cuius