The Hyper-Normal

    Deep within our sub-conscious lies autonomous mechanisms and ‘instincts’ triggered in particular situations. These ‘instincts’ have been forged in response to contextual dangers over the course of our evolution, and have shaped the way we perceive the world.

    Our brain, constantly juggles with sensorial inputs, re-adjusting, synchronising events to make them feel normal and reasonable. But, what is ‘normal’, if our conscious experience is a made-up 'brain reality'?

    Exploring the possibility of an ‘Hyper-Normal’, where a distorted experience of reality is induced because of physical or psychological stress, injuries, conditioning or training; a space opening up new experiences and potentially providing new insights to people’s condition.

    Time Conditioning
    Enter the Bullet-time


    If our experience of time was twice slower, we would relatively live twice longer...

    A series of ‘handicap objects’ limiting our physical abilities, hoping to force a slowed down perception of time. Once freed from the contraption, we would get a much richer experience of time, extending the perception of our own life span.

    Beam Me Down!
    Self-Induced Amnesia


    Amnesia strikes… temporarily…
    The gate towards ‘parallel lives’ lies under your skin. Drop the burdens; escape and embrace the confusion of being free.

    Amnesia can be seen as a reflex shutting down the region of your brain responsible for memory, operating as a kind of safety fuse in case of an emotional or physical overload. It usually occurs after a brain ischemia when memory is more sensitive to the deprivation of blood than other areas.

    The Beam consists of a discrete trap-door hiding a pump that quickly pushes air in and out the user’s lungs, causing hyperventilation and fainting, eventually leading to a temporary loss of memory.

    Once the user has hit the floor, a counter weight pulls the trap-door shut, leaving no evidence save for the light beam shining onto the un-animated body.


    thanks to Dr Ben Hanson, Jonas Loh, Steffen Fiedler, Daniel Foster Smith, Ben Oliver