The Prophecy Program is an exploration of the human capabilities in sensing future events, as well as an examination of the nature and aesthetic language of the scientific experiment.
This project has been produced as part of the Media Design Practices summer research program, and took place within a former NASA wind-tunnel, now converted into studios for the Art Center College of Design.
The program follows the publication of ‘Feeling the Future’ a paper written by Daryl J. Bem, in 2010, and consists of three experiments, directly influenced by Bem's writings;
precognition test-rig, waiting tower for remote viewing and bacterial drone, organised around a set of monitoring apparatus and two purposely built chart recorders.
As opposed to a scientific experiment, whereby the compiled data can be of critical importance, the program is interested in the relationship between audience and science,
vulgarisation and accurate measurements, emerging from the original claim and intention, and the creation of beliefs and/or scepticism.
Scale model, of a proposed waiting tower. This experiment proposes to position an array of towers along the San Andreas fault, whereby remote viewers can monitor the fault's seismic activity.
Control unit for the main physiological precognition testing experiment.