A Familiar Unknown: Part 1, was first presented at Jupiter Woods Gallery, at the end of 2019. As part of the autumn series of Forest Rangers, organised by Disapore.
Forest Rangers is a reading group exploring the current state of the commons and their possible future. VVFA reading sessions were particularly focused on discussing the commons in the context of outer space;
Space exploration is a perspective-altering endeavour that has (literally and figuratively) shaped worldviews and cultures, and provided a new framework to explore the narrative construct of humanity’s future
These reading sessions aimed to examine the existing treaties and rules shaping the collective imagination in order to propose more “democratic” alternatives, and culminate in the performance of a proposed utopia.
A Familiar Unknown: Part 2, invited visitors to realise their collective agency through collaborating in a new sonic and spatial performance within the Tate Britain, and as part of "From Tomorrow".
Visitors were invited to craft and share new narratives for the futures of education and learning, as part of a ceremonial performance using a specially designed multi person instrument.
Through collaborative performance and creation we want to embody the agency of the individual as protagonists in their own futures, but also, more importantly as agents for a larger collective future.