Time Conditioning
  • f1. first Lego prototype - 
  • f2. hydrolic system close up
  • f3. first goggles prototype for visual conditionning
  • f5. visual conditioning, filmed in Hyde Park


Medical engineers, doctors, cosmetic industries and basically huge parts of our society are working towards anti-aging and life extending methods. Even though it seems great to live for a thousand years, when you think it through, it provides a lot of interesting consequences.

How are we going to deal with our memories? Will we still go to school for only 20 years? What about overpopulation, can we still have kids? Will we have to choose between living forever and having children? What will happen to marriage? The sentence “Till death tear us apart” gains a whole new meaning.

We’ve been looking at different ways to extend the human life-span and decided to explore the adaptation capabilities of our brain. We’re very good at adapting to long term senses. A constant green color to our eyes eventually turns grey, because our brain adapts to the constant input.

We’ve designed a series of ‘handicap objects’ to limit our body’s abilities to a slow motion perception. Our assumption is that our brain will adapt to the slow motion world and when the handicap is removed, we can have a much richer experience of time, extending the perception of our own life span.


created in collaboration with Harry Vermeulen