Tangible Pixels
  • f1. Venice exhibition installation
  • f2. Venice exhibition installation
  • f3. Venice exhibition installation - fans close up


    Rather than a quantum teleportation of our bodies, can we imagine gates connecting two different spaces and times?

    Our visual landscape gets increasingly filled with pixels from other places, conveyed from one end of the world to the other, bit by bit, in a split second.

    What if we could shatter a space into small tangible pixels able to catch sounds, movements, light, wind, smell, etc. And convey these bits of space to a remote location whereby they can be gathered to recreate an abstract feeling of that distant land.

    The prototype exhibited during the Venice Architecture biennial 2010 consisted of small modules able to suck in the wind and convey it through the network to a twin structure in another location.

    The sculpture could recreate the wind flow passing through the remote modules. Each module can be seen as a ‘unit of space and time’. They are simple systems composed of a single sensor. And as expected, the more pixels you have the better resolution you can get.


    created in collaboration with Alexandre Elmir