• f1. Glitch Fiction installation
  • f2. close up details - golden fish swirl
  • f3. fishdrop model


    On the 6th of August, 2000 the English seaside town of Great Yarmouth experienced a most unusual metrological phenomenon, residents were treated to a shower of small silver fish, falling straight from the sky as rain.

    The glitch, or momentary fault within a system can lead to unexpected occurrences unfolding. This slight mis-alignment or change of elements can have extraordinary, uncanny, even miraculous consequences.

    Part of a wider investigation into the unlikely experience, the Fish Raining Device seeks to probe the motivations, desires and mechanisms behind the experience, challenging how one might try to take control of their surroundings, and questioning to what ends?


    created in collaboration with Andrew Friend
    created for Glitch Fiction
    based on the Atmospheric Vortex Engine