Entre Deux

f1. photos taken during final presentation in Paris
  • f2. video: meteoplant
  • f3. video: body sound sampler
  • f4. video: body sound sampler
  • f4. Ensad exhibition installation


Remote communication means that the physicality of body language is irremediably lost, and with it a crucial part of the message itself.

The body posture and the message we convey are intimately intertwined, but remote communication places our conversations into an "in-between" and non-existent world.

While our bodies stand, lie, sit, twist, walk, jump, fold, spread, the message on the other side is always the same... Body language is lost in the network.

That research aims to bring back a physical consistency to our increasingly mediated and virtual conversations. 

*Entre-deux* is a series of 6 objects exploring the communication at distance between two people, using peripheral means rather than direct interactions.

  • created in collaboration with Alexandre Elmir
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  • A set of devices for testing your trust in science. Where do the boundaries between thrill, fear and science lye?

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  • Proposal for engineering natural glitches and creating artificial tornadoes