Beam Me Down! / The Hyper-Normal
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    The Hyper-Normal

    As part of the 'Hyper-Normal' series, this project explores the potential consequences of controlling and triggering short term memory loss known as the Transient Global Amnesia (TGA).

    Beam Me Down!
    Self-Induced Amnesia


    Amnesia strikes… temporary… 
    The gate towards opened ‘parallel lives’ lies under your skin. Drop the burdens; escape and embrace the confusion of being free.

    Amnesia can be seen as a reflex shutting down the region of your brain responsible for memory, operating as a kind of safety fuse in case of an emotional or physical overload. It usually occurs after a brain ischemia when memory is more sensitive to the deprivation of blood than other areas. 

    The Beam is composed of a discrete trap-door hiding a pump that quickly pushes air in and out the user’s lungs, causing hyperventilation and fainting, eventually leading to a potential temporary loss of memory.

    Once the user has hit the floor, a counter weight pulls the trap-door shut, leaving no evidence save for the light beam shining onto the un-animated body.