Art Relay
  • f1. 'Wenlock helmet' pre-fabrication
  • f2. Gerard testing the 'Wenlock helmet'
  • f3. 'Wenlock helmet' + 'helmet with a rocket launcher'

    The Art Relay

    Commissioned by KK Outlet, Art Relay is a collaborative project involving artists, designers, musicians and writers from across the world.

    Working in “teams” one creative starts a piece of work, then passes on the baton/artwork to another to collaboratively create a final piece. This will continue until four participants have contributed and the piece reaches KK Outlet, where the final work will be exhibited throughout August.'


    The Hard Hats series

    The olympics bring hope, excitement and anticipation to its host city, however this does not come without a cost - missile launchers mounted to the tops of housing and battleships lining the Thames exemplifying the paranoia present within the city, its residents and those in control.

    Our relay begins with the two Olympic mascots, their faces cameras allowing them ‘to record everything’, surreptitiously adding to London’s already significant closed circuit surveillance network. Passing the baton we aim to challenge and examine the underlying worry surrounding the games, and the relationship between man and machine surveillance as highlighted through the anthropomorphism of the mascots, could this be an invasion of privacy, or all for our own good?

    Helmet 1: Wenlock helmet

    Helmet 2: Helmet with rocket launcher
    Responding to London's olympic fortification Helmet 2 utilises a galvanic skin response
    as trigger for ignition of the helmet mounted rocket, urging the wearer to remain level headed at all times.


    created in collaboration with: Andrew Friend