Apnea & Neptune
  • f2. story of: genetically enhanced carrots to improve night vision
  • f3. 'Neptune': book cover
  • video: Apnea - shot and edited in a day


"The total global carbon emissions through human respiration = 2.5 Bn metric tonnes/yr.

By 2030 it is predicted that the global population will have reached 9 billion people.

If you stopped breathing for 10 minutes every day then the drop in your basal metabolic rate would save approximately 3.65 kg of Co2 emitted per year.

If everyone did it then the total saving would be in excess of 200M tonnes/ yr.“

The film Apnea explores the ritual of infection as individual enthusiasts reduce their personal carbon footprint. Individuals engage in free-diving at home in an attempt to drop their basal metabolic rate, subsequently leading to a reduction in bodily CO2 emissions.

Along with this film an illustrated book compiling designed scenarios is questioning the relationships, and balance between humans and the biology that they inhabit, and the frameworks responsible for implementation of policy. The scenarios question how far the individual is prepared to go, through bodily and behavioural modification, to aid the perceived 'greater good'. (from hibernation duty to self inflicted bacterial contamination using synthetic biology as basis for speculation)


created with Andrew Friend