An Orchid Named Mary
  • f1. illustration fertilised egg
  • f2. stills from the film


    This animation and scenarios have been developed within the Design Probe department of Philips Design, for the international design congress in Singapore (ICSID 2009). The animation have been created using ‘processing’.

    Working closely with the healthcare department three scenarios speculates on possible future for a healthcare system in 2050.

    These concept scenarios are based around three characters; Eve and her quest for a healthy engineered baby, Pete with his lung-carrying dog, and Mary whose DNA’s been mixed with the one of an orchid at her death.

    These scenarios are intended as examples of a very different view of specific aspects of the care continuum. They address issues that may be contentious and even controversial, like genetic manipulation and cross-species organ transplantation, but which at the same time promote dialogue and creative thinking.


    created with Patray Lui and Jeanne de Bont